Intensity of the Five Major Forces Affecting People During the Month of January 2020*

Force #1. Economic Change

* Stock prices – no change in January 

* Gross National Product – up 4.2% (November 2019 annualized)

* Federal monthly surplus/deficit - $33 billion deficit

*Inflation – 2.5% (preceding 12 months)

*Purchaser Managers’ Index – 50.9 (returned to being positive)

*Consumer Confidence Index – up 2.6%

Score = 85 (on a scale from 0 to 100;  with below 50 conveying a negative influence) 

Force #2. Scientific Findings

CO2 concentration in atmosphere: 413.40 ppm; up 2.57 ppm over previous January

Ocean temperatures reported at a record high in 2019; recording the largest single-year increase of the decade

Scientists report an overview of the China coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, including the possible infectability, mortality rate, incubation time, worldwide ability to contain the infection, and estimated time for a vaccine (along with a comparison with other similar outbreaks)

Score: 40

Force #3. Political Progress

* Impeachment trial of Donald Trump failed in the Senate

* Bipartisanship near non-existent; no impactful legislation

* No clear balance of power between branches of government

* No new federal judges began active service in January

Score: 20

Force #4. Religious Freedom/Separation of Church and State

A New Jersey bill to eliminate the religious exemption from mandatory vaccinations fell one vote short of passing

Jack Wilson, a church deacon and former firearms instructor, stopped a shotgun-wielding gunman who killed two church members at the West Freeway Church of Christ near Fort Worth, Texas and was awarded the first-ever Medal of Courage by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Score: 50

Force #5. Sports Inspirations

Kobe Bryant’s tragic death

#1 LSU beat #3 Clemson for college football’s national championship

Score: 40

Overall Score = 50. Except for economic matters, the major forces listed above were not helpful on an overall basis to the American people in January, 2020.

Current Wellness Statistics for U.S. Citizens


* U.S. Population = 330.07M + 150,000 in November (latest available data)

* Average life expectancy = 76 years, 2 months (men); gained slightly

                                              81 years, 1 month (women); gained slightly

* Percent of adults overweight – 39.8% (increasing at about 1% per year)

* New cancer cases – 1.9 million new cases over the past year (slight decline)

Score: 75

Personal Wealth 

* Medium household income = $63,000 (unchanged)

* Medium net worth = $80,000 (unchanged)

* Unemployment rate = 3.6% (up 0.1% from previous month)

* National debt per voter = $130,000 (up 8% over previous year)

Score: 65

Overall Score = 70 (holding steady; neither bullish or  bearish)


* For an explanation and examples of how these major forces affect people, see: The Major Forces Driving Humanity: Solutions for a Growing Divide © 2008 by Steven A. Zecola