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The following writings have one thing in common. I was struck by a
situation that had gone off-track, or was about to go off-track.

The ideas that follow attempt to provide a reasoned basis for change.

My latest book is a science fiction novel, which contains many lessons from the worlds of a distant past.

Steven A. Zecola


Position Papers

Regulatory Fillings


A Proposal to Make Healthcare More Efficient

Letter to the 45th President of the United States

A New Approach for Drug Approvals  in the Age of “Big Data”

The FDA’s Preclinical Study Requirements Need to be Changed 


 The FDA’s Approach to Personal Genetics: Tilting at Windmills

A Call to Action on Breast Cancer: How Management Science Can Improve Performance Outcomes

President Obama Needs A New Approach to Fixing the Economy

Broadband Stimulus or More Telco Shenanigans?

Understanding Telecommunications Policy

Obama Needs Better Tools to Drive Lasting Change

The Stem Cell Veto: Ten Questions for George W. Bush and Other Evangelical Leaders to Consider

Stem Cell Legislation: Congress Has a Clean Bill of Health

President Bush Misleads the Public about Stem Cell Research

Petition to FDA on Precision Medicine Initiatives

A Proposed Amendment to the 21st Century Cures Act

Citizen Petition Requesting the FDA to Modify its Approach for Addressing Metastatic Cancer

Citizen Petition Requesting the FDA to Withdraw Approval of Adjuvant ACT Chemotherapy for BRCA1 Breast Cancer Patients

Zecola Issues a Rebuttal to the FDA’s Denial of the Petition to Withdraw Support for ACT Chemotherapy for BRCA1 Patients


Comments to the Federal Communications Commission on the Telecommunications Industry Structure

Petition to the Federal Communications Commission for Structural Relief

Reply Comments to the Federal Communications on the Wireless Industry Dynamics

Comments to the Federal Communications Commission on the National Broadband Plan